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Traditional Art Forms of Kerala Introduction

Velakali- The Kerala martial dance

This astounding military move is performed by men in a portion of the sanctuaries of southern Kerala. The artists, clad in the customary garments and bright headgear of the medieval Nair officers, take part in incredible developments and able sword play, to the backup of a symphony involving the maddalam, ilathalam, kombu and kuzhal

Bamboo Orchestra

The rationality of Bamboo Orchestra in expectation of the new century is to form music which could be shared by all from the heart through "the exceptionally reverberating sound" got from bamboo, normal material in nature. The formation of bamboo music rises above every ethnic identitie, identities, large numbers of music learning and kinds when every individual unassumingly confronts the bamboo one of nature's blessings and its resounding sound. The procedure of such innovative musical combination results in the advancement of new connections in the middle of nature and individuals, and between individuals themselves

Kerala Traditional Art Forms


Kathakali is an adapted traditional Indian move dramatization noted for the alluring make-up of characters, intricate outfits, nitty gritty motions and all around characterized body developments exhibited tuned in to the grapple playback music and corresponding percussion.We have the best team for kathakali in India


We have the best and alluring team of contemporary Mohiniattom dance team which caters to your requirements


Initially a conventional type of military craftsmanship that began in Kerala, Kalaripayattu or kalari is the art of war, treatment and marma treatment.John milton company has the best Kalaripayattu dancers in the country